How to Set up eStock for the First Time (as a Beginner)

  1. Go to the #downloads channel on the discord and download
  2. Make a folder on your desktop called “eStock,” or whatever you want to call it.
  3. Go to Virus & threat protection > “manage settings” under virus and threat protection settings. > add or remove exclusions > add folder > eStock. (or whatever you decided to name the folder that you made in step 2). This is because the update.exe folder is often times removed by Windows Defender.
  1. For, a delay of 0 is recommended in the Tasks.xlsl sheet.
  2. For you can run up to 8 tasks per proxy, but it may affect your speeds. I normally do 1.5 tasks for every proxy.
  3. Most people run ~10 tasks for the same item.
  4. ISP proxies are recommended to run eStock.
  5. Newegg bans proxies very fast, so it’s safest to run it right before a big drop, and to use a delay of 4,000–5,000.
  6. does not use a checkout proxy.
  7. If you need to use your key on a different device, you will need to message the eStock bot in the discord “!deactivate <your key>”. It sounds scary, but it won’t unbind the key from the Discord account. Just your computer.
  8. Running tasks endlessly will have a task endlessly try to checkout once it goes in stock. Setting this to “no” will (most likely) not affect your hit-rate on limited drops.
  9. If you’re getting a “This page isn’t working” error when you enter your path, clear your Chrome cache and try again.



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