How to Set up eStock for the First Time (as a Beginner)

Welcome to my guide. If you’re reading this, then it must be your first time using eStock, or maybe even a bot, ever. This is a step-by-step guide starting from the very beginning on how to set up eStock. Hopefully you’re already in the Discord, because if you couldn’t figure that part out you’re most likely not going to set up the bot properly.

4. Drag the folder from step 1 into the folder from step 2.

5. Right click on the folder and extract it to the eStock folder.

6. Run the update.exe folder.

7. This is where you’ll want to configure your Proxies&webhook.ini file, the Tasks.xlsl file, and, if you’re running anything other than Newegg, your settings.ini file.

Proxies: When you’re editing your proxies&webhook file, remember that all the proxies need to be on the same line. You can use this website to automatically convert them. (Leave a space between the “=” and your first proxy)

Webhook: In order to create a webhook, just go to your Discord server, create a new channel and click on the settings. From here, go to Integrations and create a webhook. Copy and paste the link that it gives you for the webhook.

Tasks.xlsl: For the tasks, you will want to watch the guides in the #guides channel of the eStock discord.

8. Once you have these three files configured, you can start eStock.exe. Enter your key and hit enter.

9. Once you’re at the menu, you’ll be able to import your tasks (which you need to do every time you open eStock,) start a login session for certain websites, and then start the tasks for those websites.

In the next section of the guide, I’ll go over how to setup Amazon on your eStock.

Before you fire up eStock and login to your Amazon account through the bot, there is some preparation that needs to be done and some things you need to know.

There are two different sessions when you go to create an Amazon login session (which you’ll need to do every time you open estock)

Session 2 is the preferred login session as it is faster and will not log you out of the account after a long period of time.

When you choose session 2, you will be asked for a path. You can find the path by entering chrome://versions into your browser and copying the Profile Path without the \Default on the end. REMEMBER THAT YOU NEED TO CLOSE ALL YOUR CHROME INSTANCES BEFORE YOU SUBMIT THE PATH, OR ELSE YOU WILL GET AN ERROR.

After you enter the path, you’re ready to start your tasks that you entered in Tasks.xlsl. Hit 2 and you’ll see them all start to appear.

Once they’re all started you can press 0 to go back to the main menu and then 12 to view your running tasks. It may feel like the bot isn’t running, but it should be working.

In the next section of the guide I’ll go over some useful tips/information.



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#1 earliest BTC adopter since 1995. Have no other achievements.