How to Trade from Ethereum to Solana Through DEXes

This is just a quick guide on how to transfer your ETH into SOL and any other tokens on the Solana platform through the use of DEXes.

What you need:

  1. Ethereum wallet (MetaMask)
  2. Solana Wallet (Phantom)
  3. A small balance in your Solana wallet to pay for fees. (If you can find someone to spot you $1 worth of SOL that would be ideal)

Websites you’ll use:


The Process:

  1. Make sure that you have a balance in both your Ethereum and Solana wallets. These will be used to pay for fees when transferring through The largest fee you’ll pay is the transaction fee on the Ethereum blockchain. (I paid around $40)
  2. Head over to and follow the instructions on the page. NOTE: If you don’t have a small SOL balance in your Solana wallet, you won’t be able to complete the transfer.
Follow the directions on Wormhole

After you hit the “Transfer” button, you’ll need to approve the transactions on your MetaMask wallet and wait for 15 confirmations before you’ll be able to claim your WETH on the Solana platform.

Waiting for the 15 confirmations

After the 15 confirmations, you should receive a prompt to redeem your tokens. Hit that button, approve the transaction in your wallet, and you should receive your WETH. You will likely need to approve 3–4 transactions through you wallet.

In this next part you will need to use Orca in order to transfer your WETH into SOL, which you can then use to trade other tokens.

This part should be relatively straightforward, but head over to, connect your Solana wallet, and transfer your WETH (whETH) into SOL.

You should be good to go from here. Good luck!



#1 earliest BTC adopter since 1995. Have no other achievements.

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#1 earliest BTC adopter since 1995. Have no other achievements.